St Albans and Harpenden Food and Drink Festival

23 September - 02 October 2017

The St Albans & Harpdenden Food & Drink Festival will return later this year to showcase the fantastic range of food, drink and produce available throughout St Albans District. With so many excellent eateries providing fabulous food and delightful drinking holes, the festival is a great time to try something new or different. St Albans Street Finale on 1 October 2017 from 12-6pm. The Food & Drink Awards will be revealed at Sopwell House Hotel on Monday 2 October.

Food and Drink Awards 2016 winners announced!

The St Albans and Harpenden Food and Drink Awards celebrate the wide variety of food and drink businesses, venues and professionals that we have across the District. There are 12 categories in total; 11 are decided by public vote along with scrutiny of a judging panel and one is a special award decided by the steering group.

The winners were announced at the Awards dinner at Sopwell House on 3 October.

Our Sponsors

We would like to thank our sponsor organisations for their kind support of the St Albans and Harpenden Food and Drink Festival 2016.

St Albans Seasonal Salad

Download your recipe card here! The #KidsCookalong is a new venture from the St Albans & Harpenden Food & Drink Festival Team, giving young people across the district the opportunity to enjoy making and eating good, healthy, local food. Created by Ren Behan and hand illustrated by Stu McLellan for the Festival, the recipe cards for the "St Albans Seasonal Salad" have been made available throughout the district to encourage children to have a go at home.