In this section you can find out about St Albans long and distinguished history, from Iron Age to present day, via the Romans, Wars of the Roses, and creation of the Ryder Cup!

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St Albans Visitor Partnership

The St Albans Visitor Partnership (SAVP) is a group of leading local businesses and organisations working together to establish St Albans as a top UK visitor destination. Our aim is to promote St Albans to national and international audiences and to deliver significant growth in the visitor economy benefitting the City and wider district as a whole.

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History of St Albans

St Albans from Iron Age to present day The town is first recorded as Verlamion, a Celtic British Iron Age settlement whose name means 'the settlement above the marsh'. After the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43, it developed as Verulamium and became one of the largest towns in Roman Britain, but was later destroyed during the revolt of Boudicca in AD 60 - 61 before being rebuilt. Find out the full, fascinating story, here.

Notable former residents of St Albans

St Albans has been the home of many notable people from English history, from Samuel Ryder, the creator of the Ryder Cup, to Nicholas Breakspeare - the only English Pope, and Arthur Melbourne-Cooper, pioneer of British moving pictures.


St Albans has had Mayors for over 450 years since the first Charter in 1553. The first Mayor was a man called John Lockey. Some Mayors have served for less than a year for a variety of reasons such as changes in local government arrangements, the outbreak of war or if they died in office. Others Mayors have served twice or even for three successive years as one mid-Victorian Mayor managed to do.

St Albans Visitor Information Points

We have three visitor Information Points with friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you make the most of your visit.

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