The Alban Pilgrimage

The Alban Pilgrimage - part of Alban Weekend

St Albans Cathedral is delighted to bring you the spectacular Alban Pilgrimage, a celebration of the life of Saint Alban who gave the City its name. This unique and dramatic event sees giant carnival puppets retrace Alban's last steps and tell his remarkable and moving story. Roman chariots, centurions, lions, roses and executioners all take their place in the procession from St Peter's Church, through the City Centre to St Albans Cathedral.

Alban's story takes us right back to the beginning of the Christian faith in Britain, but it remains fresh and inspiring for Christians today. Over 1700 years ago, Alban was executed for giving shelter to a Christian priest fleeing persecution by the Romans. Moved by the priest's faith, Alban became a Christian and the two men swapped cloaks, enabling the priest to escape. Alban was arrested instead, brought to trial and beheaded on the hill where St Albans Cathedral now stands.

Date Saturday 23rd June 2018
Pilgrimage Procession The procession starts at 11am. The route begins from St Peter's Church, St Albans, and moves along St Peter's Street to the Town Hall and then continues down Chequer Street, High Street and George Street to the West End of the Cathedral.
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