Quaint Streets, historic buildings and outstanding landmarks jostle for attention with award-winning restaurants, incredible shops and stunning parkland. Old meets new at every turn.

Standing on the former Roman settlement of Verulamium, stunning St Albans Cathedral date to Norman times and was built using Roman bricks. The city is also the home of Britain’s first Saint, Alban, the first battleground in the War of the Roses and has played its part in modern science as the home of philosopher Sir Francis Bacon.

Wherever you walk, the city is packed with reminders of its rich heritage. The unique medieval Clock Tower dates to 1405 while the Roman Theatre is the only example of its kind in Britain. St Albans Market retains the lively spirit it exuded 1,100 years ago, while St Albans School, where Professor Stephen Hawking was a pupil, is one of the oldest in the world.

Modern culture has also stamped its mark in the city. Netflix drama The Crown chose the city’s cathedral as a substitute for Westminster Abbey, Stanley Kubrick, one of the 20th Century’s greatest film directors, called it home while legendary 60s rock band The Zombies formed in St Albans.

The Art Deco Odyssey is a historic cinema on London Road with its origin dating to 1908. It opened in 2014 following extensive renovations restoring the building to its 1930s glory with its name honouring Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Showing a wide selection of titles each month including new releases, foreign language films, cult rep screenings and classic the cinema also boasts two bars which remain open throughout the films.

The city’s journey through time makes it a unique must-visit destination with fascinating stories to tell on every corner. Visit St Albans this year and add to its many stories!

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