Play outside, inside

Playing Out St Albans District has put together a video of ideas for child-led, free-play ideas for your children to do at home during the Alban Festival weekend and beyond

The video celebrates all the elements of play that you would normally find in street play – where children play with whatever is to hand in a free, unstructured and spontaneous way – and moves it from the street to inside the home. There are lots of suggestions for different types of play for indoors – from classics like French skipping through to water play and dressing up.

Whether it’s building a den, junk play or something else, we’d love to see how you’ve chosen to celebrate the Alban Weekend Virtual Festival by Playing In.

Get involved and inspire others by posting your pictures and videos with the #AlbanWeekend



Find out more about Playing Out St Albans District

Playing Out, in conjunction with Sustainable St Albans, can help you create opportunities to play outside and improve community spirit

Playing Out is a nation-wide concept where residents choose to apply to close their road to through traffic to allow the children to come out onto the street and cycle, scoot and play together in the road. It is a fabulous way to build communities, offering neighbours a chance to build support networks and children the opportunity to get fresh air and exercise, as well as learn to play in an unstructured manner with other children of all ages. In St Albans District, under normal circumstances, you may apply to close your road in this way up to eight times a year for three hours each time. There is no charge to residents.

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