‘My St Albans’ Artwork Entries

As part of this year's Alban Weekend Online celebrations, St Albans BID invited budding artists of any age, expertise level and artwork medium to submit their work. Entrants supplied pieces on the subject of what St Albans means to them. Look out for some of these creations on display around our city centre too.

St Albans Businesses – Supporting Each Other During the Pandemic

We are all keen to preserve our shops and businesses as they are the heart of everything that St Albans has to offer, they employ local people and attract tourism to the city. This crisis has hit public-facing businesses the hardest – with shops and restaurants closed, and the city centre deserted, these types of [...]

VE Day 75 – Recollections – by Tim Boatswain

It is a timely reminder that in times of crisis we can all pull together to overcome the gravest threat. As this country and the rest of the world grapples with Covid-19 and the death and misery it is inflicting upon individuals and communities we can recollect how this nation survived those dark days when [...]

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