The History of Roman Emperor, Diocletian and St Alban

Some years ago I was invited to give a lecture at Diocletian's Palace in Split, Croatia. The title of my talk was Emperor Diocletian and Christianity. Those of you who have been lucky enough to visit the beautiful city of Split, looking out over the spectacular Croatian coastline, will know that much of the Palace [...]

Conspiracy Theories and Evolutionary Psychology

The question has been put to me, "As an anthropologist, how do you explain the human desire to invent conspiracy theories? Since humans have been recording their existence we have been looking for explanations to understand the arbitrary events in our lives. Natural disasters or accidents were seen as the work of the supernatural. For [...]

The Anthropology of Anxiety & the Coronavirus

Anxiety caused by worry or fear is a significant part of human nature so it is unsurprising that the pandemic of Covid-19 has hugely increased people’s anxiety across the globe. In our evolutionary past as a species anxiety has served us well causing us to avoid the physical dangers that stalked homo sapiens, like ending [...]

Living La Vida Lockdown

Sshhhh, it’s all going to be ok. I promise. Just put the gin down, take a deep breath and calmly make yourself some breakfast. This is what I tell myself every morning and it really does help.

Make this the year to join the culture club

Hertfordshire has many places, attractions and events that draw visitors from all over the UK – and indeed the world – but this year, there will be an added incentive for people to visit in the shape of Hertfordshire Year of Culture 2020.